What Should Come Standard of filling machines?

If you own a business that requires the filling of drums, totes, and other large containers, you know that the success of your company is heavily dependent on the quality and features of your drum filling machine . If you are in the market for new water filling machines , here are some things to look for when doing your research.

What Should Come Standard?

First of all, find a manufacturer that produces drum filling machines that come with many of the features you are looking for standard:

-- Swivel arms: Being able to fill barrels with your product effectively is the name of the game. The swivel arms of your machine should come with a wide variety of functions that will suit just about any application you may need them for. Such features include: nozzle height adjustment capabilities, nozzle park/unpark options, nozzle dive, and many others.

-- Scale: One of the best quality assurance tools is the scale that measures the amount of product being loaded per unit. Look for one that is made from easy-care stainless steel with a digital readout and that is easily integrated with all of the other essential operating controls.

-- Ease of Load/Unload: An easy system for getting the barrels on and off the loading platform should also come standard. The best one features an operator actuated powered roller conveyor for maximum control and efficiency and fewer problems.

What Else Should I Look For?

Look for a manufacturer that can customize your machine with added systems that are a step beyond what comes standard. All products should come with a 30-day performance guarantee as well as a limited warranty for parts and service.

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